mini-IRcam - Minituarised infrared camera

A small-sized (20 mm x 70 mm x 120 mm)(HxWxL) infrared camera for rapid warnings at volcanoes.

Mini-IRcam uses a small (8x8 pixel) microbolometric array detector designed to identify large changes in scene temperature. The system can be placed close to a volcano and will automatically detect changes in the scene temperature by comparing the mean and standard deviation across the 64 pixel array. With 1 Hz sampling and its lightweight and low cost profile, this IR camera can be used in many applications where safety is a concern. The camera can also be mounted on a drone logging data directly to a high-capacity SD card. The system is configurable and can be modified to include a GPS sensor and/or WiFi capability.

The small microbolometer array has also been integrated into a prototype black ice detector which can be mounted on the roadside or in a moving vehicle to identify ice on roads.

A prototype "black ice" detector using the mini-IRcam to correctly identify ice in its field-of-view based on a proprietary ice detection algorithm.