Who we are

We are an expert team of scientists and programmers working on imaging data from satellite, airborne and ground-based platforms to add value to customers’ specific needs. Based in Melbourne, Australia and Oxford, UK we have international links with many high-tech and R&D organisations around the world.

Our background is firmly based in remote sensing and modelling of atmospheric gases and particles. We have published over 100 papers in peer reviewed journals and authored or co-authored numerous reports and review articles in the field of atmospheric research. Jointly we have authored 6 patents and currently have 3 provisional patents submitted through the Australian Patent Office.

The company has a philosophy of uncompromising dedication to science and the scientific method that underpins all of its work by publishing and patenting theoretical and experimental results.

What we do

As a science-based company we provide expert advice on environmental remote sensing, especially associated with atmospheric hazards. We provide data and analyses for commercial aviation for volcanic eruption events that may cause disruption to air-traffic. For this we have access to state-of-the-science models and satellite data products – many produced exclusively in-house.

We also build and design small instruments working at UV and IR wavelengths for measuring atmospheric gases and particles on airborne and ground-based platforms. If you are interested in any of our instruments or wish to work in collaboration with our team, please send an enquiry to us. Apart from applications to the civil aviation industry, our instruments, data and algorithms can be used in a variety of terrestrial applications areas including: surface temperature mapping, ship and industrial stack emissions, wildfires, dust storms, flood mapping, crop stress, and weather related hazards.